Priscilla Tan

Priscilla Tan 林淑芬

Pastor 传道


Ps Priscilla has been with BBTC since her inception. After 10 years worshipping with the English Service, she joined her husband, Elder Joseph Tan, to start Mandarin Service in year 1996. Currently, she serves as a pastor overseeing Levite Tribe body life, and in the areas of equipping, library, Sunday testimonies, pulpit interpretation and text translation.

Prior to that, she earned a Bachelor degree entailing translation, a Master degree in HRM, and served as a secondary school teacher. She is happily married with 2 married daughters, a son, and 3 granddaughters.

淑芬传道从教会立地基开始,就一直在BBTC敬拜。起初是在英文堂敬拜,10年后,在1996年,她 服从了上帝的呼召,就与先生,陈振根(博士)长老,一同开始了教会的华语崇拜。目前淑芬传道负责教 会利未支派的小组生活、装备事工,图书馆、主日见证、讲台和文字翻译的事奉。

之前,本着对文字的爱好,她专攻了翻译门科,也在取得硕士学位后,在中学执教鞭。夫妇俩有2名已 为人妻的女儿,一名儿子和3名孙女。