Ray Ang

Ray Ang 洪鼎良

Pastor 牧师


Ps Ray graduated from NUS with a Master in Industrial Engineering in 1986. He spent the next 2 decades in Chartered Industries of Singapore. After seeking the Lord for his next season, he was called to study in Trinity Theological College and graduated with a Master of Divinity in 2014. In Aug that year, he started his new season to serve as full-time pastor in BBTC’s Mandarin Worship.

洪牧师在1986年从新加坡国立大学毕业,获得工业工程硕士的学位。他在Chartered Industries of Singapore就职了20年之后,开始寻求上帝对他人生中的下一个计划。上帝带领他到三一神学院接受装备。2014年获颁道学硕士,同年八月,他开启了生命的新季节,在BBTC华语崇拜担任牧师至今。