On Sunday 7 July this year, I encountered the Presence of God while Senior Pastor was preaching on “7 Faith Convictions based on Psalm 23″. These are:

I am very deeply loved by God in Christ (Jehovah Rohi who loved me and gave His life for me;   I have the Peace of Christ guarding my heart and my mind (Jehovah Shalom); I am the Righteousness of God in Christ (Jehovah Tsidkenu); I am complete in Christ who supplies all I need (Jehovah Jireh); I walk in Divine healing, Health and Life (Jehovah Rapha); I have Christ within me always (Jehovah Shamma); and I am always victorious in Christ (Jehovah Nissi).

I felt the flow of God’s love, peace and joy in my being; body, soul and spirit as I believe His promises and receive His Word.

When I was in secondary school and even through my working life I was stricken with migraine headache for more than fifteen years. When the attack came I was helpless. I remember I was prayed for on many occasions by several pastors who came from the third world countries and a pastor laid hands on my head and he prayed for God’s healing touch on me. I thank God, healing came in process and I got healed in 1992. The migraine never came back. Praise the Lord!

Then in 2001 I had knee pain. I was then serving in the Toddlers ministry and by God’s grace I still am. Somehow there was no pain on Sundays when I was in the ministry. I couldn’t climb a few steps and when the attack came I had to limp and drag my feet.  However, my faith in God grew leaps and bounds. I would pray each time the pain came, not trusting in the doctor’s suggestion to go for surgery.  I would lay my hands on the knee and calling on Jesus to touch and heal. There was one incident the pain came when I was walking towards the traffice junction to cross the road.  I was limping and praying Jesus to please take away the pain as I needed to cross the road. God honoured my prayer. When the “green light” appeared I walked across. Amazing! I was walking as normal. I believe Jesus held my hand in His and led me.  That was instant healing! God is really good. Hence I walk in Divine healing, health and life.

I’m now able to climb overhead bridge. I counted there are 40 steps. As I climb I would thank the Lord for every step and coming down I would praise Him. My daily prayer: “Lord, strengthen the feeble hands and steady the knees that give way” Isaiah 35:3.   Serve the Lord and glorify His Name.

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