Getting Married

Download and print the application form and submit them at the BBTC General Office on Level 2. Please apply at least 6 months before your wedding date.

Application for use of church premise


For baptized Christians who are registered members of Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church. Eligible couples must have been involved in one of our cell groups for least 1 year, before applying for a church wedding. Wedding must also be the first for the couple except in the case of a widow or widower. At the point of wedding, couple must have completed all sessions of the Pre-Marital Course.

More details of the Pre-Marital Course

Should a couple not meet any of the above criteria, they must inform the church and the appointed solemnizer regarding their inability to comply. Other course of action may then apply. Couples are encouraged to speak to the Pastor in charge of Family Ministry should they need clarification on any of the above pre-requisite.

Note: Solemnization versus Solemnization Without Signing of Marriage Certificate

Couples are to note the difference between the two and highlight to the solemnizer upon engaging him should his services be that for a Solemnization Without Signing of Marriage Certificate ceremony instead of a solemnization.

Solemnization refers to the entire wedding process by which the solemnizer officiates both the religious and civil/legal (ROM) part of the wedding.

  • The religious part will include the 3 part ceremony of going through the ordinances of marriage, consent to marry, vows plus exchange of rings and communion .
  • The civil/legal (ROM) part will be the signing of the marriage certificate by the couple, their 2 witnesses and the solemnizer.

Solemnization Without Signing of Marriage Certificate refers to the wedding process whereby ONLY the religious part takes place. There is no signing of the marriage certificates during the wedding itself due to the fact that the couple has already signed the Marriage certificates prior to the wedding ceremony.

Couples are to note that Solemnization Without Signing of Marriage Certificate ceremonies are discouraged unless totally unavoidable. The onus of informing the solemnizer rests on the couple.


At the time of booking of church facilities, couples are to arrange through Ps Jerry Chia to ensure the availability of Solemiser to solemnise their marriage. BBTC Solemnisers are Ps Jerry Chia, Ps Andrew Tan, Ps Ng Hua Ken and Brother Jeffrey Goh. Couples are advised to give early notice so as to avoid disappointment when solemnisers are away on personal matters. Request maybe made via email or personally through Ps Jerry Chia for the assignment / booking of a church solemniser.

Upon the discretion and agreement between the 3 solemnisers, one will be assigned to solemnise. Choice of solemniser is not the prerogative of the couples but dependent on the schedules and availabity of solemnisers.

Couples are to note that there will be no solemnisation by the church appointed solemnisers during the times when church services are in progress on Saturday and Sunday. For Saturday solemnisation, ceremony must not be no later than 12.00pm.

All external solemnisation must be subject to agreement by the external solemniser. As a practice, BBTC solemnisers will not perform solemnisation in other church venues unless venues in BBTC have been taken up or BBTC solemnisation/marriage rule applies.

Solemnisation on BBTC venue is only for first-time marriages. If wedding is not the first for one or both partners in marriage, couple must find external venues but may ask for a BBTC solemniser. This rule does not apply for the re-marriage of a widow/widower.

Should an external solemniser be appointed, couples are required to inform the church in advance.


It is the couples’ responsibility to check and comply with the necessary requirements of ROM regarding marriage procedures and not that of the church. Couples are to visit the website of ROM for details regarding the filing of marriage notice and the collection of the Certificate of Marriage and others. The necessary documents must be presented on the day of wedding so that solemnisation can proceed.


Notwithstanding the available time slots, couples to check with church office to confirm that the slots are not taken up by other events on that day.

Chapel: Saturday: 9am- 12.30pm

Due to COVID, Hall 1 and Sanctuary are not available as solemnisation venues due to existing service proceedings.

For Chapel, please do not throw fresh flower confetti as this may damage the carpet. Fake flower petals and paper confetti are permitted.


Due to COVID restrictions, no reception may be held in BBTC.


Please provide your own traffic controllers. Please reserve the row of car parks fronting Blk 113 for other church users. Any fixtures/chairs used for such reservation are to be removed after use. Alighting along the main road is discouraged as this may pose a traffic hazard. Car marshals to be stationed along main road to redirect traffic.


Kindly arrange helpers to clean up the premises after use. All rubbish to be deposited into the bulk bins. As such occasion would result in heavier clearance of rubbish from the premises, a love offering of $30 is recommended to be given directly to the church cleaner.


Due to covid-19, wedding rehearsal and wedding decor will take place together on Friday, the eve of the wedding.


Please inform the church office at 6645-0700 should there be any damage to the instruments or other property of the church.


Please ensure the chapel/hall is rearranged back properly and ready for use by the next users. Kindly also ensure that all the lights, computers, projectors and air-conditioners are switched off after use.


  1. Stick on decorations on any wall
  2. Drive nails into a wall or fixture to suspend decorations
  3. Use dry ice or burn candles
  4. Suspend decorations from any fixture
  5. Remove PA equipment
  6. Reposition stage equipment
  7. Consume food and drinks
  8. Rehearse or decorate past 10.00pm
  9. Let caterers throw unconsumed food into drain
  10. Let your caterers wash up in the church premises
  11. Leave lights and air-cons running after event
  12. Leave your wedding decorations behind
  13. Remove chairs, tables from Chapel/Hall


Other church-based ministries may be going on immediately after your event. In this regard, to avoid overrun, kindly keep to the time allowed for your use.

Weddings in BBTC During COVID Period

Solemnisation can only be at Chapel as Hall 1 and Sanctuary have equipment and moving them would affect regular weekend services. The Chapel can take up to a maximum of 120 attendees, excluding the solemniser and supporting church staff, whose numbers should be kept to a minimum.

All attendees must check-in via the Trace Together app or token. Temperatures of all attendees should be taken before entry into the event. You must also declare to your Solemniser your guest and vendor list at least 1 day before the solemnisation. This list must be available on-site for verification/ checking.

If the total number of attendees is more than 48 (excluding the wedding couple), they must be segregated into zones of up to 50 persons each. Each zone should be separated by a 3-metre gap and a continuous physical barrier or a solid partition of 1.8 metre or taller. Attendees must remain in their assigned zones, and must not enter an unassigned zone. The attendees shall enter and exit from the same door and stay at their seats throughout.

Attendees must maintain a 1-metre safe distance between groups except a core ‘wedding party’, which is allowed to comprise up to 20 persons (including the couple and their two witnesses). The rest of the guests will need to keep to groups of up to 8 pax. The chairs in the chapel would be arranged in rows of 5. The groups need to keep at least 1m apart at all times.

No tea ceremony would be allowed. Similarly, no bridesmaid, sisters/brothers, page boy and flower girl are allowed to march in with the bride, only the bride & her father may march in, and only the bride and groom may march out after benediction.

There should be no intermingling or mixing between groups nor between the ‘wedding party’ and these other groups.).

From April 24, if the total number of persons is more than 98 (excluding the wedding couple), the wedding couple must undergo a pre-event testing.

The bride and groom must use a mask or face shield throughout the solemnisation. However, they can remove it for key moments, including the exchanging of vows and rings, to kiss and during the wedding march-ins and outs. During these moments, the couple needs to maintain a 2m distance from the rest of the guests.

All other attendees must keep their mask on throughout. They may remove their masks momentarily for photos.

There must not be any reception with food and drinks, or wedding celebrations that are not essential religious rites. This also means that other freestanding activities such as photo booths are not allowed.

Solemnisations may involve live instrumental music (non-wind) with the necessary safe management measures in place. Persons involved in/supporting the live instrumental music segment should be kept to the minimum. No other performances (e.g.: singing, dance, variety act) are allowed. Live performance elements (e.g. with a limited number of singers, wind and other instruments) are permitted only for congregational and other worship services

If the wedding couple would like to offer gifts to the attendees. These can be left at each zone’s entrance for attendees to pick up or placed on attendees’ chairs. Bento sets are not allowed as gifts.

Decorations of the hall should be set-up only the night before within 2 hours and torn down within 1 hour after the ceremony. As a recommendation, please limit number of persons doing and tearing down decorations to no more than 8 persons. All involved should be masked at all times.

Let’s remain vigilant to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Any guest who is not feeling well must not attend the solemnisation. You may wish to encourage your guests, especially if they are more vulnerable, to refrain from attending your solemnisation in person. Instead, they can join in the celebrations safely by using technology (e.g. witness the solemnisation through a video link).

The organiser is liable for ensuring that all attendees observe the necessary safe management measures. A person is regarded to be an organiser of a wedding if he/ she (whether or not for reward, and whether jointly or otherwise) procures for, or supplies to, any party to the marriage, the premises and any goods and services for the celebration arrangements in connection with the holding of the wedding.

As of 13 April 2021



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