I would like to share how God has powerfully touched my life, through the word of knowledge shared over the pulpit at BBTC.

In October 2014, I faced an immensely trying situation at my workplace with a new team supervisor. Despite my best efforts, the issue could not be resolved; I felt disheartened and the stress spilled over to my health and personal life.

On 26 October 2014, I took a step of faith and went up during the altar call. The intercessor prayed for me and revealed that she saw an image of a brinjal, as well as God’s light shining on me. It was a huge encouragement to know that God’s presence was with me, and that there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

Little did I imagine that this word of knowledge would play out presciently in the week to come. Time and time again, I was put through the wringer at work; however, I was able to escape unscathed each time. God gave me protection, comfort from my family, friends and cell group, as well as favor from other colleagues and supervisors on the engagement. I felt tremendously blessed that God surrounded me with amazing people who cared for me and lifted my spirits.

Unfortunately, the problem persisted, and I decided to set up a meeting with my supervisors to resolve the problem. On 9 Nov 2014, I attended service, praying for strength and protection for the impending meeting. When the word of knowledge was read out, my jaw dropped. It was uncannily specific to my situation, down to the details and timing of the upcoming meeting. There was no room for skepticism – the word of knowledge came from God! Once again, I went up to receive prayers, committing all my anxieties to the altar.

What transpired in the weeks ahead was nothing short of a miracle. To cut the long story short, the supervisor in question turned over a new leaf after the meeting – he changed his working style, showed appreciation for my work and even offered to reach out to the client to provide a recommendation letter for me! It was a turn of events which I could have never imagined possible.

Other colleagues, as well as the supervisor who had mediated the meetings, marveled at the 180 degree change in my supervisor, as well as the resilience and professionalism I had displayed. Whenever the topic came up, I would give praise to God, telling them that I am a Christian and that I have been praying very hard; God saw me through and He alone is the source of my strength. Most of my colleagues were non-believers, but I could see that my testimony set many of them thinking.

Looking back, I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for God’s goodness in my life, as well the altar call ministry in BBTC, which ministered to me when I was in need of God’s touch. Now, I can say, with even more faith, certainty and conviction than before, that my Saviour is real, and He cares for me and loves me deeply.

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