Testimony by Steven Yeo

I was diagnosed with a 12cm cyst in the kidney and hernia at the end of November. I decided to go for surgery to remove my right kidney and my hernia. It was my first time and it was a 5-hour major surgery.

When I was wheeled into the cold operating theatre, waiting for my turn, there was so much fear of pain and death and the doctor cutting up my abdomen. At that moment, I realised I could only desperately cry out to Jesus to help me through this surgery. I felt so blessed as a Christian, because I can still call and rely on Jesus to help me during this desperate moment.

I kept repeating in my mind what Elder Raymond said- to trust and believe in Him before surgery. Jesus gave me peace and I entered the surgery with Jesus beside me.

The third day after surgery, I had a breathlessness attack at night at my ward, and the hospital gave me oxygen, but it did not help. I thought in my mind; it was time for me to go. But I told Jesus I am not ready to go yet, and I needed more time to be a better person and see my grandchildren get married. The next moment, I woke up sitting straight up on my bed in the morning. It felt like I went to see Jesus and negotiated to extend my life and He accepted my plead. I realised Jesus saved me and loves me so much that he is willing to accept my absurd request. Jesus saved me for His purpose. I will sing glory and praises to His name and I will serve and bring glory to Him. Jesus is real. Jesus is peace and He is our saviour. Nothing is impossible for Jesus. Only Jesus has the final say, our lives are in His hands.

Nobody has the right to take our final breath, except Jesus can take me home.

Recovery at ward and home was not easy too. I suffered nausea and cannot eat even a small piece of bread roll from surgery until I was discharged from the hospital after 5 days. My first meal was at home. I battled constipation with raw wounds and I was in extreme discomfort. But Jesus walked beside me and overcame all these sufferings with tender loving care from my wife and children. My cell group and Elder Raymond offered prayers and TLC without hesitation.
On the 5th day of recovery, I am strong enough to take a stroll. Thank you Jesus for a speedy recovery.

I thank Jesus for walking with me throughout this traumatic experience and shaping me to be a stronger person for His purpose.

He gave me a second chance to live, and I will sing praises and glory to His name. He is my God and my Saviour!

I lost my one kidney, but I gained my soul. What is a kidney? It is nothing after I saw Jesus! I have experienced His love, mercy and grace.

I hope this testimony will encourage those who need to go through major surgery not to be afraid. We are Christians, and we must trust and believe Jesus holds the final say.

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