To our neighbours of other faiths in Bedok and Tampines:

As part of the Bedok-Tampines fabric for more than 3 decades, BBTC would like to express our kinship with those of you whom we regularly interact with on the sidewalk, at void decks, and at coffeeshops and hawker centres.

Just as we share our neighbourhood spaces, we also share the same commitment to peace and harmony.

Over the years we have expressed our commitment to religious harmony by serving Bedok and Tampines residents regardless of race or religion through our Bethesda Care Services charity, and by hosting inter-religious events in our premises (pictured – photos taken before the Circuit Breaker).

Our faith informs us to love our neighbours as ourselves – the very opposite of the violent intended actions and radical aggression seen in the case of self-radicalisation we have all been shocked and dismayed to learn about.

Violence must never be the answer. It directly contradicts God’s precious gift of life, and sows division and discord into our peaceful nation.

The Bible tells us: “Blessed are the peacemakers.” In this spirit, we appreciate every one of you as our friends and fellow countrymen, and stand united with you in our effort to keep the peace in our multi-religious nation.

We also echo the words of church leaders in Singapore in saying: “We totally reject any ideology that promotes or incites violence against another, especially if they are of a different religious community.”

Full statement from the National Council of Churches of Singapore: https://saltandlight.sg/…/we-are-committed-to…/