What are You Concerned about?

What are You Concerned about?

What are You Concerned about?

Many of us are weighed down by the concerns of the world, and our hearts may be heavy-laden by the worries that we have. But what of the concerns and worries of God’s own heart?

Elder Low Kok Guan uses the book of Jonah to show us God’s heart for the world and to teach us the importance of sharing Christ as we mature in Him. When reading the book of Jonah, many people focus on the Great Fish, but we should all know that, like every other book of the bible, the focus of the Book of Jonah should be on our Great God.

Jonah can be split into four parts – Running from God (chapter 1), Running to God (chapter 2), Running with God (chapter 3) and Running against God (chapter 4). It would have been great for the Book of Jonah to end at chapter 3: Jonah returns, Nineveh repents, God relents. It is a happy ending. The fact that there is a chapter 4 illustrates the importance of the message in this final chapter.

Three lessons can be garnered from this last chapter; we need to look broader, look further and look deeper so that we may make God’s concern for the lost our concern.

What are you concerned about?
by Elder Low Kok Guan

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